During any disaster social media plays an important role in sharing the information about the disaster. It is vital to evaluate the disaster struck areas, understand the requirements at the ground level to channelize and optimize the resources.

What it does

This web app can be used by government agencies in India, or even by regular citizens to quickly identify the areas of high impact, type of disaster, and what help they need? With this data it will be helpful for the agencies to optimize and channelize more resources to the high impact areas and in an effective manner

How we built it

  • Backend is built using Django Rest Framework
  • Frontend is built using ReactJS
  • Tweepy library is used for Twitter API

Challenges we ran into

  • Using the Twitter's v2 API
  • Using AWS EC2 instance, termux

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The web app will be used by govt agencies/ people in India to know about disasters
  • Was able to develop a difficult project like this

What we learned

  • Using the Twitter's v2 API
  • Using AWS EC2 instance, termux

What's next for Disasteropedia

  • Adding filtering based on Disaster Type
  • Adding support for local languages like Hindi, Malayalam.
  • Adding support for international countries (not only India)
  • Improving and creating a custom NLP model
  • Improving the frontend design
  • Integrating Facebook API

Built With

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