JP Morgan Chase challenge .

What it does

Tweets and facebook posts about disasters is mined thoroughly and data is tabulated as follows. Name| Location|Contact information

Social Network Analysis techniques are employed to find central actors in locations globally so that during future disasters, they are contacted first and provided with relief materials(so that it reaches most of them in that cluster)

When there is new disaster, sms is triggered to JP Morgan(The one who is willing to provide relief materials such as food, drink) and sms pops up with a web page with location's key actors(with high centrality in that cluster)

How I built it

Couldn't build it completely.

Challenges I ran into

Single team member and lack of experience

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learnt flask, debugging skills from mentors

What I learned

Networking and debugging

What's next for DisasterManagementSystem

Must complete this project and add on resume within a month

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