Our world undergoes many changes every day and unfortunately sometimes these changes lead to natural disasters. The only natural disasters most people hear about are the huge, devastating ones. However, many smaller ones occur on a regular basis and a good amount of people are affected. What if we could create a platform to raise awareness about present ongoing disasters and provided a means for people to create fundraisers to help those in need or donate to existing ones?

What it does:

DisasterDetection provides a platform for people to see where natural disasters are occurring in real time and be able to create fundraisers or donate to an existing one.

How I built it:

We pull information using the Twitter API to see where people have tweeted about an ongoing natural disaster. Our Azure ML model makes decisions regarding if the tweet we've pulled is relevant to a natural disaster. Once we have this information, we showcase the news links associated with the disaster with Bing. This serves as a validation tool for the natural disaster and a way for the user to gain more information about it. Our last component involves a database which we populate based on the fundraisers people have created and also provide a form that allows people to create new fundraisers.

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