In the wake of the devastating Australian bushfires that have left so much of the country burnt and helpless, aid is vital to support the thousands of people who have lost their homes and to help rebuild ecosystems after billions of animals were killed. These natural disasters are happening all over the world including the Typhoon in the Phillipines, the earthquakes in Nepal and the cyclone in Mozambique. The frequency of disasters like these will only keep increasing as climate change worsens and so it is crucial that we have a better understanding of where people need our help the most.

What it does

We aim to connect concerned citizens with current disasters and the charities providing relief there. We offer a reliable map of the most devastating disasters and provide information about volunteer opportunities to provide aid to these countries.

How we built it

We used html, css, and javascript along with the Google Maps API. We also incorporated stripe for payments

Challenges we ran into

We intended to use web scraping to find the disasters and their respective charities, however, we could not ensure that all charities were genuine if we used this method. Instead, we created an interface for charities to sign up and prove that they are genuine using official documents. Once we have approved this they can then add disasters that they are providing aid for.

We used the Google Maps API to display and plot information on the map. We had never used this before and so it took a while to learn how exactly it worked.

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