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Das projektteam wieder aufleben lassen und an die neuen Gegebenheiten anpassen. Der use-case ist weiter valide.

video: https://ibm.box.com/s/xggfsb97q9cyrbdaxra7qwzf6p0sirf3

slides: https://ibm.box.com/s/4mprg1jgsseiaimsfo1znrlzo9uk9hyd

code: https://github.ibm.com/sascha-schefenacker/call4code2019DAPA

Challenge: There are lots of recommendations available how to provide for disasters (e.g. how much water, food, and medicine to stock) but only few people abide by these recommendations. In case of disaster, most people need immediate help and there is limited information available on who needs help most.

Solution: LifeApp helps individuals to self-assess their specific risks by exploring their personal situation (residence, health status, food / medicine inventory) and encouraging them to better prepare for disasters. All information is stored in a secure Blockchain-based system and will be made available to emergency management only in case of a disaster. This way, there will be detailed and up-to-date information available not only about people's personal needs but also about how well they are prepared for the specific disaster. A need prediction system uses the information to provide detailed forecasts for what help will be needed where and when.

Benefits: LifeApp has the potential to reduce the impact of disasters by helping individuals to better prepare according to their specific risks. In case of a disaster, the system increases the efficiency of emergency aid by allowing for better planning.

LifeApp - Features for individuals Individual risk assessment (e.g. flood, storm, earthquake, contamination, tsunami) for your location, e.g. based on insurance data.•Assessment of personal needs based on health status, personal inventory (food, water, medicine, equipment) and type of accommodation. Encouragement to improve degree of disaster preparation by using gamification and regular reminders. Short term recommendations based on weather data. Education on how to prepare for disasters. Reference on how to behave in case of disasters (offline available).

LifeApp - Features for officials AI-based forecasting of future needs using people's information about individual risks, personal needs, and the degree of preparation.•Secure storage of highly sensitive information using Blockchain technology. Tracking of last whereabouts in order to be prepared for network outage.

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