New York City rarely meets with disasters. This puts New Yorkers in a disadvantage when disasters do occur. In 2014, Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City by causing a temporary closure of the MTA system, flooding of streets and power outage for certain neighborhoods. No one in New York City would have expected a hurricane. New Yorkers were unprepared to face the aftermath and some lost their lives. This led us to formulate Disaster Prep which is aimed to help people prepare for the upcoming disaster as well as finding a shelter.

What it does

Disaster prep combines the functionality of community messaging, location services with direction and disaster prep tips for the specific disaster.

How we built it

We looked through NYC opendata for a list of shelters available. With this data, we pinpointed those locations on the map which took the location of the user and allowed direction function.

Challenges we ran into

Not much experience in app building or development. The idea of creating something original limited what we could have done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming into this as our first hackathon with no idea on team function and process, we made a bare minimal app fitting to our ideas.

What we learned

What's next for Disaster Prep

Expand from just a city to nationwide. Will find the top common disasters based on location as well as find shelters near you.

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