Increased natural disasters are tearing communities down and the public needs to be informed and ready for relief efforts

What it does

Show graphic datasets and infographics to inform about important but less covered topics on disasters

How we built it

Research open data and read published research papers, Javascript, React, C3.js, Venngage, InDesign

Challenges we ran into

Deciding on a narrow enough topic that everyone on the team was happy with, making a well-formed plan for the project while trying to learn new technologies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having something that runs!

What we learned

Some React, different approaches to visualizing data and information, and we learned what sort of data sets are available on disaster relief and the state of that data quality

What's next for Disaster Guides

The open data on this topic will take longer to transform and visualize but we want our website to eventually be more data-driven, although we already have good information from other's research. Also improving the functionality and UI of the website.

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