In a natural disaster, one thing that can happen is the loss of communication with those in the disaster area. This could be due to destruction of cell towers and or damage to the network infrastructure in the affected areas. In order to combat this issue we have created a mobile decentralized network that utilizes the mobility of drones.

What it does

Our application and product does is collect and distribute data in zones where communication has been cut off. Through attaching a router and a micro-controller to a drone, we are able to broadcast data over areas where there is no other way to do so. People in affected disaster areas will be able to get data that is being broadcast through an iOS application. They are also easily give data back to the drone to help first responders know where to go.

How we built it

Donovan Allen worked on the networking side. He primarily worked with the Intel Edisons and the Router to create the application for listening and sending data to connected users. Jay Ladhad worked on the back end of the iOS application in order to begin communication between the application and the router. He also worked on a javascript application that takes the data given from the users to the router to map out where there has been connections in order to create a heat map for where there are the most people in a disaster area. Sean Kelker worked on getting the data from the user and their GPS location sent from the iOS app to the router. Steven Bucher worked on creating the user interface and functionality of the application and the presentations.

Challenges we ran into

A big challenge we ran into was getting GPS latitude and longitude from the iOS app. We also ran into a lot of problems getting the initial communication between the iOS app and the router and Edison.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to get the iOS app communicating with the router and the Edison. T

What we learned

We learned a lot about iOS development and networking.

What's next for Disaster Data Drone

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