Many people are willing to assist with recovery efforts after natural disasters. However, a fewer amount actually know what is most important for these efforts. For example, did you know underwear and socks are some of the most needed items?

What is it?

Build a service focused on providing easy access to victims of natural disasters. It also easily mobilizes people by giving them a visual idea of where areas were hit the hardest.

How we built it

React, Node.js, IBM Cloud Functions, Cloudant

Challenges we ran into

Unfamiliarity with how IBM signs requests, learning ReactJS, figuring out how to connect all the components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Literally inspiring data visualization

What we learned

React for building a map that helps visualize where help is needed the most, highly customizable IBM Cloud Functions

What's next for Disaster Dash

Finish Watson integration so that users can have a more human experience, add categories of supplies (medicine vs. emotional support), verification of help delivered, update in real time

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