What it does

This app uses a user's location to determine whether or not they are in the proximity of a disaster, and if they are, will passively push their location to a database where first responders (who run admin accounts) can access and map out their locations. Thus, if people are stuck in a fire, flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster, they can be found and rescued as soon as possible. Users can indicate that they are safe to turn off this functionality, and can use a panic button to give an auditory signal as to where they are. The app actively shows users a regularly updated map of disasters from the GDACS server to let them know about the disasters in their proximity.

How we built it

This app was built using Google Cloud and the Google Maps API integrated with React, NodeJS, Firebase, and the Expo client. We also used files from GDACS, or the Global Disaster Alerting and Coordination System.

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