Disaster is inspired by Google Doodle and T-Rex Run.

What it does

Disaster consists of two parts: chrome extension and web platform. It utilizes mini games and other media, such as animation, to attract potential users into caring about the world. Therefore, encourage them to take part in the world around them and contributes to the society via donation or volunteering.

How I built it

The Chrome extension is build with jQuery and Javascript. The web platform is build with ReactJs.

Challenges I ran into

  • The Chrome extension doesn't allow inclusion of external scripts due to Content Security Policy.
  • The functionality of the map system in the current prototype is limited.
  • Difficulties were faced when trying to make social issues condense and can be easily understood .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully built an interesting game and user friendly website.

What I learned

How to write Chrome extension and use ReactJs to create an website.

What's next for Disaster

  • Make Disaster more attractive and accessible
  • Include social features
  • Utilize machine learning (natural language processing) to retrieve information
  • Solve technical issues
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