An inability for people to read others in social situations can lead to tricky outcomes. Helping people empathetic to certain conditions is only half of the equation. Providing tools that are integrated into a persons digital-social habits can drastically aid their condition.

What it does

A model trained using the FER Dataset to make a ML Snapchat filter that gusses what emotion the person is emoting based off their facial expression.

How we built it

Jupyter, PyTorch, FER Dataset, Lens Studio

Challenges we ran into

Model training. Converting the model to be formattable with Snapchat. But luckily Snap is amazing and provided a guide on how to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although this is a very tiny step, we can see expanding upon this project. The most important aspect we realized and are most proud, is building/offering tools to where people naturally already are spending their digital time. Asking them to download a special app decreases usefulness and probability of use.

What we learned

Think from others perceptive.

What's next for Disassociate Return

We would love to expand on this project and build more useful tools on the Social Platforms.

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