Calvin had read about an app in Asia which is used to submit dangerous plants to the authorities. We thought that we could make an app with the same type of goal in mind.

What it does

It takes a submitted image, location, date, and condition. It stores this data into a table locally, and then adds them to a list of unresolved issues

How I built it

I built it in android Studio. To make the table, I use the SQLite library to make a database.

Challenges I ran into

The Screen presenting the Database was pretty tricky to build. I struggled rationing the ImageView on each card of the list.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I could actually finish the app.

What I learned

I did not learn much in terms of new technologies, but I solidified my knowledge in SQLite, and learned the bounds of a 36 hour time limit.

What's next for Disabled Distress

First thing's first We would like to expand what the app can save and make it more visually appealing

We should also switch to online backend services like Backendless, so that we can track data online, and have nationwide statistics.

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