In a smart city not only will technology advance, but those who are not capable of enjoying the current technology must also be brought up to par.

What it does

Uses 5 gestures to create messages which could potentially be sent.

How I built it

Using c++ to accept a 5 bit binary sequence, a fist as a 0 and fingers spread as a 1, which is assigned to all 26 letters as well as "." "," "!" "?" ";" and a space.

Challenges I ran into

Limitations in the Myo Armband included either locks in the current position or large delays between a change in hand position to the Myo recognizing the change. These challenges hindered optimized results

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working product which would potentially be used by someone who lacks the fine motor skill needed to text on a smart phone

What I learned

What's next for Disability Assist Messaging

This project could be developed into a smart phone app through the android or ios SDKs which contain the same functions used for this version. Predictive text could also be included to reduce message creation time.

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