We were inspired to create DirectPay after seeing the potential use of cryptocurrencies in developing nations. There are many situations in which people may not have immediate access to the internet, but need to send money directly to peers or businesses. Even when reliable internet access is not available, DirectPay users can utilize text messaging services to send currencies.

What it does

DirectPay requires users to initially create an account through Once a user has initially set up their account, they will be free to use our texting service to send and receive payments to friends and businesses.

How we built it

DirectPay utilizes the Stellar API to allow users to seamlessly send currencies between users using text. Firebase was utilized to create user accounts, host our website, and store user data.

Challenges we ran into

Twilio caused some issues when attempting to send and receive texts. We also ran into some port forwarding errors related to Twilio as well. We overcame the issues we ran into and eventually reached a point where the application worked. In the future, this will be a feature that will receive more

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have gotten Twilio to send out automated text to a user when trying to send Stellar Lumens.

What we learned

We learned how to use new tools such as ngrok to set up network tunnels to our localhost server and send that to the web. We also learned how to use Twilio and Flask APIs to use GET/POST commands. Another tool we learned to use was Firebase. Firebase was used to house user information during the initial set up phase

What's next for DirectPay

DirectPay would like to have enhance security for user data. Allow for other forms of payment to be specific. Example could be sending USD, Bitcoin, Eth, etc. Another feature we would like to add is being able to sign up from a phone number and not having to go to the website for the initial sign up. This feature will benefit users within developing nations that don't always have direct access to digital banking.

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