This mini project fetches driving directions using the Google Maps Directions API. It also contains custom JSON deserialization code (GSON).

Given a pair of addresses: origin & destination, you can get a nicely formatted list of driving directions.


Let the addresses be as follows:

String origin = "340 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA";
String destination = "601 Nelson Rd, Stanford, CA";

This code segment shows how you can fetch driving directions between these 2 addresses:

HttpManager manager = new HttpManager();
Route route = manager.fetchDirections(new String[]{origin, destination});

The output looks as follows:

Summary: University Ave
Distance: 2074; Duration: 296
1. Head southwest on University Ave toward Florence St (Distance: 680; Duration: 123)
2: Turn left to merge onto CA-82 S/El Camino Real (Distance: 647; Duration: 76)
3: Turn right onto Galvez St (Distance: 555; Duration: 55)
4: Turn left onto Nelson Rd (Distance: 192; Duration: 42)

Note: At this time, the distance is represented in meters & the duration is represented in seconds.

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