We took inspiration from our personal struggles as Students, writing essays only to have our Teachers say they lacked complexity in thought or weren't in-depth enough. So we merged qualitative directional indicator analysis with quantitative count analyzation in order to deliver on the needs of millions of students like us.

What it does

This program intakes a body of text and highlights all the transitional words. These words are classified as oppositional, casual, additive, and sequential. Depending on the uniqueness of the word, the transition is subcategorized as bland or flavorful. This helps to author to better understand their own writing style as well as improve on it.

How we built it

We used HTML/CSS for all the Good Looking Portions and the General Aesthetics of the project including buttons and then a combination of Google Cloud Analytics for the Actual Analysis after runtime and Bootstrap for nice data Display and UI/UX such as hovering and clicking on the charts. These results displayed also used NLP in order to identify whether the directional indicators were bland or flavorful - using contextualization. I also added functionality for the Grammarly Browser Extensions to work in conjunction with our website.

Challenges we ran into

Making the website aesthetically pleasing was one of our greatest challenges. We constantly changed the color scheme in an effort to beautify the website. In the end, our final solution was to make the background of the website mono-color which we felt was the optimal layout. Grammarly wasn't working so we almost gave up on that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it clean and ultra-modern and increasing computational efficiency using Google Cloud Services to be able to crunch papers that are extremely lengthy (tested with 50-page research paper).

What we learned

Only Aditya had some programming experience so we all spent time learning how to host, and connecting the APIS, especially figuring out bootstrap. We also learned different syntaxes for the languages we used and learned how to use Github to change the code, while still being able to see our previous iterations of the project. This was our first time with Google Cloud services and we needed to adjust the connections and nodes.

What's next for Direct Your Essay

We plan to outline what we believe are bland and flavorful words and to show the words that you overuse. We plan to offer replacement options of those words and we would like to eventually come up with a rating system based in word choice in the essay.

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