In the opening ceremony, one of the presenters showed a link to access one of their APIs. However, I wasn't able to type it in before the slide was changed. This is a universal experience, so I figured something could be done to make this easier.

What it does

Simply take a picture of a link through the app, and this app will automatically redirect you to the site.

How we built it

It's a React Native App that uses Google Vision API to parse the text from a photo, then uses a regular expression to identify URLs in the text.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the work put into this was figuring out how different APIs interacted. For example, many libraries for javascript are not compatible with Expo, so we had to hack around a couple libraries we would have preferred to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is something that I could see myself downloading on my phone and using frequently and recommending to friends.

What we learned

We learned about the power of teamwork, resilience, and soylent. We also mostly learned React Native on the fly.

What's next for direct-me

Cleaning it up and putting it on the app store!

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