In Puerto Rico public government project auctions go unattended (deserted). Small contractors do not want to do business with the government because they find cumbersome the process to submit a proposal. Only a handful of big contractors are the ones that go to the government project public auctions. With 78 Municipalities in Puerto Rico all needing contractor services many do not get the jobs done because of this problem.

What it does

Bringing government agencies, contractors companies and citizens into a secure blockchain marketplace. Enabling government agencies with project public auctions to get solutions to their problems faster and connect them with verified contractors.

How I built it

Phase 1 - Idea Validation The idea has been validated with the Senator Zoe Laboy and Mayor Rosachely Santana. From a contractor stand point it has been validated with Architect Hans Moll Stubbe and Civil Engineer Harold Jose.

Phase 2 - Concept Validation Wireframe has been built using Adobe Xd. It will be used to build interest towards the project, get funding for development and sales.

Phase 3 - Niche Domination With a Beta program we will win the government construction projects niche segment in Puerto Rico with local contractors. We will expand to other US territories before going mainland.

Phase 4 - Other US Territories With a tested beta product we will expand sales in US Virgin Islands.

Phase 5 - Contiguos 48 States With a proveen beta product we will expand sales in contiguos 48 states.

Challenges I ran into

Finding developers interested in working on a government based project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Receiving good remarks by the Senator Zoe Laboy, Mayor Rosachely Santana, Architect Hans Moll Stubbe and Civil Engineer Harold Jose.

What I learned

How to setup git account

What's next for Direct GOV app - Auctions, Contracting & Management

Raise capital with US credited investor only. 1M initial seed round / 5M ICO / Utility Token Sale / Community Token Sale

Built With

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