In a crisis resulting in mass casualties, victims, and/or missing persons. The current system for reuniting the affected is incredibly inefficient.

What it does

This website uses AI Facial Recognition technology to match photos of missing loved ones with people rescued by emergency services. It then notifies the immediate family through an automated email produced through UIPath.

How I built it

The website was created using HTML and CSS. UIPath was also integrated.

Challenges I ran into

We found it most difficult to streamline the process on the police services side as we wanted to make sure that this process did not inconvenience or distract them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of our simple yet powerful concept which combined with our user-friendly interface has the potential to impact public safety worldwide.

What I learned

We developed our front-end coding skills and learned how to use UIPath

What's next for DiRe

In the future, we hope to partner with corporations to broaden our reach and begin beta testing.

Built With

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