The inspiration was other people being able to help other people in disaster areas.

What it does

DiRe is a social network built around people helping other people. DiRe provides a platform for people to post about things they have, info they have, or things they need, in a specific natural disaster area.

How we built it

We built all of the front end in HTML and CSS with some Javascript for functions. The backend was planned to be built using PHP and Oracle SQL, but we realized that the project was a bit too ambitious as only one of us had prior experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Oracle SQL. While the rest of us were learning HTML and CSS, the back-end work started but ran into problems due to lack of formal knowledge/training on the subject, and the time limit (and the need for sleep).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI designed and partially implemented describes a website that we would be proud to complete. Every non-working link links to Rick Astley on YouTube.

What we learned

We learned that building an entire social media website takes a lot more time and experience than we had available to us.

What's next for DiRe

We plan to continue working on the project as we learn more in order to get a fully working project.

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