Finding developers or communities focused on specific technologies in my community is quite difficult as most of these communities don't have the financial capabilities to pay for websites and so most can only manage a facebook page. For most developers, most at times you just know this guy can code but you have to get to them to know exactly what they do which poses a problem because most at times they are either too busy or you have take time out to do rigorous tests. What if you had a platform you could get and join all these communities through? What if I could do a simple search and exactly know all communities which are into training newbies in ReactJs? DIRCOM provides this solution

What it does

It shows all the development communities/companies/businesses around the community. You also see a list of developers in that community along side their skills and vouches. You also get to see what they are currently learning or would like to learn.

Companies, developer communities and individuals can register themselves on the platform. To increase the scope of the project(we later on plan to include as much as possible) we are also including designers on the platform seeing as this is quite common in the current job industy

How we built it

We used FeathersJS a nodeJs framework to build out the API and used reactjs and material design for the frontend. Seeing as we didn't have enough time due to the fact that we are doing this on the side, we have had to develop the project hackathon style.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The platform itself is a very big accomplishment for us as it sets the path we intend to take in making both ourselves and our community get closer and be better

What we learned

We learned how to focus on things that matter in a software project and how to work under pressure

What's next for Dir-com

We plan to take the platform live and actually get a lot of people using Also we are hoping other communities can adopt the platform

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