Last week when I reach to Hospital then I observed that their is large crowd on the billing counter and on Enquiry counter too for the Doctor's detail and for the payment of the Doctor consulting fee and they didn't maintain the social distancing which is dangerous for all. So I discuss this to my colleague and we decide to solve this challenge.

What it does

We create an app known as Dequeue , which empowers patient to get the respective Doctor details and pay the fee without facing any crowd by Scanning a QR Code so that their time and life both can be save by maintaining social distance. This app also facilitate the hospitals to generate their unique QR code which contain all the Doctor's info who work in that hospital.

How I built it

Our app is built with Java, XML, also integrating the Google-map-API on the Android Studio platform.

Challenges I ran into

Some basic challenges is to collect the data and Integrate with the app database for each Hospital's.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we can solve this serious issue which help each and every people of our community who faces this type of problem in todays scenario.

What I learned

For some people in our group designing the UI on Figma is new but it is very interesting and useful for them.

What's next for Diqueue

We locate the new hospital to register on our portal/app.

Built With

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