Our family members suffer from chronic conditions and sees many specialists. They both run into issues regarding drug interactions, and we're not doctors, but we can contribute to their health in some ways.

What it does

A provider signs into their EHR. Once they are there, the click on our SMART on FHIR app and select the targeted patient. From here they get a list of the patients past and current drugs, and sees if there are any drug interactions. In addition to that they can add one in real time to view if the drug they want to prescribe will have any interactions.

How we built it

We used Logica EHR simulator, which housed synthetic patient FHIR data Angular + JS + FHIR.js - We used this stack as a client to run against the medication data FHIR Resources - Patient, MedicationDispense

Challenges we ran into

OAUTH2 - Connecting an outside app to an EHR was the hardest part, because the whole OIDC process was done differently than what we are used to, if we could talk to ourselves yesterday for 5 minutes, we could have had a much more feature rich app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the MVP and connecting to the EHR. We can now re-use this template for all app ideas we have against systems using OAUTH2 and FHIR.

What we learned

How SMART on FHIR authenticates and authorizes against EHR's. We also learned that there's so many things that EHR's are missing that we could now build out if we had time.

What's next for DIPS

Release app based on a subscription model to ensure longevity and fund features -Add a quick view to focus on only the patient’s most recent and ongoing prescriptions -Drug lookup functionalities -Combine with other FHIR resources to enhance Rx feedback

Try it out:

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