We live in this miraculous technological environment, and yet our human behavior is still governed by basic impulses from prehistoric times. We're using technology in every single aspect of life, so to connect with prehistoric-era we did some fun project.

What it does

We've created a platform named 'DinoWorld', where people can get connected to this prehistoric-era by GAMEZONE & TREASURE PARK SECTION. To make it informative we've added some facts about dino and showed our love for dino! Coming to this platform in GAMEZONE, there's open game playground for all. In TREASURE PARK, to get to know this pre-historic-era and it includes the very great majority of the total time on earth that humankind has spent developing basic human abilities and culture. So why not support them by purchasing something. So there's ecommerce website, where you can actually buy OLD STONE-AGE things.

How we built it

We've used HTML5 to structured the website , for appearance we've used CSS3 and to make it work used JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to connect it with Google Analytics to keep the track, but due to some reasons we failed to do that. We also did node.js for backend , faced those errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've created a fully pledged working platform contains a Game & E-commerce Website

What we learned

We learned so many new things. Explored the Google Analytics part, Twilio, cockroach DB, Auth0. So got to know these cool things. Also due to the diversity that MLH provided met with new people and it was great experience.

What's next for DinoWorld

We'll add some informative blogs that will be helpful for this generation to know more. Planning to connect it with Auth0, so to save time from creating Login, Logout authentication. We'll try to make it interactive so users can learn while having the fun.

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