Well since we were "ON A BREAK " from studies and thought we will hack something Long story short we decided to do something useful with ROSS from friends who is still "ON his break"

What it does.

We thought what would be a fun way to learn about these huge lizards, we thought why not visualize them on our earth and explore them in the places they have kept their feet on and let ross put us to sleep with his dino talks

How we built it

We have used the Twilio Sendgrid API to send email reminders to our users to continue their learning on our platform. We have 2 Google Cloud Functions to achieve this. One Cloud Function calls the Sendgrid API using the email data from Google Cloud SQL database. A Google Cloud Scheduler calls this function periodically at a fixed time using a Cloud Pub-Sub topic. The other Cloud Function has an HTTP trigger and is used to add emails to the mailing list which is stored in Cloud SQL.

We have used and explore Auth0 for user Authentication this save us so much time and effort from building a complex login register system, We are also currently working on using Auth0 to secure our Flask APIs to verify the credentials even though we ran into some trouble we are hopdull to get it our APIs secured soon

Built With

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