We didn't like that toddler toys are designed for single use with no ability to expand on them. We wanted parents to be able to reuse toys as their children age.

What it does

A mobile augmented reality app which toddlers use on their tablet, like an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet, and gives toddlers shapes they must find. The app recognizes certain shapes and records how the toddler is doing at finding those shapes.

When a toddler finds the proper shape and keeps it in the middle of his screen, the toy lights up and highlights how well they've done.

How we built it

We short-circuited one of our Particle Photons, we tried to eat healthy, we barely slept, and we had a great time.

The app was made for Android and the images were trained using AWS.

Challenges we ran into

Everything, we had to deal with issues working in OpenGL, Android fragment problems, Photon API issues (please update docs), bad wiring causing slightly flammable situations, poorly implemented JNI code, RenderScript, and anything else we could find.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It kinda works.

What we learned

Mobile devices are surprisingly powerful when the low-level APIs are targeted directly.

What's next for Dinosaurs in Space Who Know Shapes and Stuff

Add levels for all ages of kids to be able to learn something about color, shapes, and reading.

Add the ability for parents to control what the toddlers are able to see.

Make kids feel like they're actually dinosaurs in space looking for rocks of different color and shape.

Make it fun!

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