Dinosaur World was inspired by the amazing dinosaurs that used to roam this earth 

Dinosaur World engages kids by telling them a part of a story and then a question that will change the rest of their story! Then, another part of a story followed by another question and so on until they reach the end! Afterwards, it educates them by telling them a random interesting fact about dinosaurs from a list of over fifty facts!

  My brother and I worked together to build Dinosaur World. Once I came up with the idea he helped me build on it and program it. It took us many hours to program it, write the story and the questions and make finishing touches but I think that it was worth the cost to give many kids around the world the chance to play with and learn about dinosaurs!

  In the beginning it was quite a challenge to get the story to run with the code and respond to users but luckily my brother helped me get through the programing part. After that the only challenge was to write the whole story and fix and bugs or errors in it so it ran smoothly.  

We are proud of making over fifty different endings for our story and over fifty different facts about dinosaurs.

We have learned many amazing things about dinosaurs but more importantly we have learned about the amazing world of coding.

In the future we would like to add more "chose your own path stories" to Dinosaur World.

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