Matthew, Denis and Patience. Three computer science students and aspiring developers from Vancouver, BC.


This is our keeping-up-with-the-times take on the traditional scavenger hunt. The objective is to find the objects suggested by the game, before your competitors beat you to it! Your score will be updated in real time on the board.


We built this app with Firebase to power our user interaction and Javascript for our frontend. For image recognition we used Clarifai's learning technology. We also used imgur to send images to Clarifai.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues when using when sending images to Clarifai since the learning function didn't allow us to directly send the image data. We were able to jump over this hurdle by uploading files to imgur and then sending them to Clarifai. Another issue we ran into was building multi-user apps in Firebase which meant we needed to ensure that data was being displayed consistently across users.

We're PROUD of:

  • For two of our members, successfully hacking our first web app
  • We completed something cool and usable using hot new technologies
  • Our unwavering team spirit and perseverance through challenges

What we learned

On the technical side of things, we honed our Javascript and web development skills. Additionally, we learned how to take our apps to the next level with the Firebase platform and the Clarifai API. We also learned how to work on a team of varying skill levels.

What's next for Dinosaur Detector

The ultimate scavenger hunt challenge: find a dinosaur!

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