We were inspired to bring a unique AR experience to a game. And, who doesn't like dinosaurs?

What it does?

DinoRun's plot is the Dino running through an obstacle course. It is played using your mobile device allowing that by builtin accelerometer in the game. VR function is coming up soon along with the AR so users can switch between devices as they play. The VR function brings into play the user riding on the dinosaur's back.

How we built it?

We built it using teamwork, Vuforia, and Unity 3D.

Challenges we ran into?

All members of team met for first time during the first day of CUNY Hackathon. Some of the team members were using Unity for first time, however we committed to build a game with it. Another challenge we faced was redesigning the dinosaur entirely hours before the deadline due to incompatibility with the accelerometer function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of?

We have implemented both AR and the accelerometer game in less than 48 hours with a VR function coming up soon.

What we learned?

We learned how to use Unity and Vuforia, and one member in our team who was new to coding got coding skills under her belt.

What's next for DinoRun?

We are going to implement different worlds, harder levels, and virtual reality.

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