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Member Ninthuga wanted to make a video game based around the idea of a fun and creative game for younger aged players. All members did research and found that the best kind of game would be a pet grooming game.

What it does:

The user is able to see what the current mood of the dinosaur pet is and can click on a button which advances the game by an hour and changed the mood randomly. They can interact with the dinosaur by pressing the key 'S' to put him to sleep, 'D' to give him water and 'F' to feed him. However, these interactions can only be done if the dinosaur requires them, otherwise a message will be displayed saying why that action cannot be completed. If the dinosaur is looked after correctly, his mood will consequently become happy.

How we built it:

The library we used for this project was libGDX and coded in Java. We also used Sprites to visualise the game, each Sprite is hand drawn by the member of the group. The main logic of the game were completed by Rebecca and assisted the rest of the members. Furthermore the main drawing of the Sprite were completed Ninthuga and helped by the rest of the members.

Challenges we ran into:

The main challenge that we faced was importing the game library into our computers and syncing it with our code. We also faced many trial and error stages of where some bits of code had to be refactored. Due to the time constraints and the lack of experience, we were unable to implement the main menu screen and a timer for the game. We also challenged ourselves to use LibGDX which is a new program to us all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud to have completed the game and made it functional to play. Furthermore we honoured and satisfied that we are able to present a hand drawn game.

What we learned:

We learned how to use the basics of LibGDX. Additionally, we learned that a good game cannot be made in 24 hours and that sometimes you will encounter unexpected problems along the way.

What's next for DinoPet:

Animations for the game character and its actions. Ability to personalise your own Dino pet by choosing colour, name and other features. Input a countdown time between each mood.

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