With so many serious things going, we wanted to build something fun this weekend. It was an opportunity for us to be as creative as we can.
We gave our each team member a week to think of as many ideas as we can. We shortlisted the best ideas.

What it does

Dinomatric is a Fun Dino themed website where you can meet 3d Dinos in E-museum, Have Dino Drawing competitions, Play Chrome Dino, a special conspiracy blog for humans where they can discuss how to end the rule of Dinos on the Earth, a Prehistoric Quiz and Dino fact generator that gives a new fact every time which you can share with your Friends through Twilio messaging.

How we built it🔧🔨🧰

The whole project is built using MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS). We have used Auth0 for covering our conspiracy blog from Dinos. To Reach our blog, you have to swipe down 3 times in our DinoFun Page. We have used React Swipable for that. You can share facts to your friends in DinoFacts page through Twilio API.
We have embedded 3d Dino models from picked models which had license for non commercial use). Whiteboard is made using socketio and canvas.

Challenges we ran into🏃‍♂️❌

--> We added Chrome Dino in our blog through react-chrome-dino package that was working fine earlier. It stopped working later and since it is an old package that is not maintained, we did not try to make it work as it was just an additional feature.
--> We didn't know how to collaborate with Github. We had to write and fix code many times due to this.
--> EchoAR models stopped loading in my browser. I thought the site is down. Later we found there is some issue with my chrome. We used its alternative in our site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of🏆

When we started, we didn't know how to collaborate with github, use Twilio API and Auth0 authentication. After so many group discussions, we completed all the features that we intended to do.
We followed the deadlines and everyone completed the tasks which they were assigned to.

What we learned🧠

--> How to use React Swipable, Twilio API, Auth0, Collaboration with Github
--> Integration of 3d Models in our site, Quiz feature and many more
--> Whiteboard using socketio
--> Our team gets stronger everytime and our teamwork gets better.

What's next for Dinomatric

--> A working Ecommerce for Tools
--> We want after every drawing competition between two users, their drawing gets saved and they have an option to upload it on a wall.

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