Fascinated by the beings that roamed this Earth million of years ago and dismayed by the lack of due interest. We present you- Dinocord!

What it does

Dinocord is a discord bot for aspiring paleontologists and pre-historic enthusiasts. With many fun features and useful tools. this powerful #1 bot for all of your dino needs! It has the following features:

  1. Sends dinosaur memes!
  2. Myths vs Facts game: the user is prompted with text and they have to guess if it's a myth or a fact
  3. Dinosaur fact: enlightens you with a random dinosaur fact
  4. Classification: used AutoML to return the class of prehistoric species when the user uploads an image
  5. Search engine: Helps the users find info about prehistoric and dinosaur

How we built it

  1. Used HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap to create the homepage
  2. We used the Discord.js package to create a discord bot with Node.js
  3. Used Google Cloud Platform's AutoML to implement the classification model
  4. Used Google Cloud Platform to deploy our hack

Challenges we ran into

  1. Couldn't integrate the AutoML with the bot
  2. Getting our dataset was a long and tedious job
  3. We had trouble limiting the search engine only to pre-historic facts
  4. We were stuck with the deployment of our app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Happy to get our bot working and deployed
  2. Created a homepage with a beautiful UI
  3. Implemented most of our features

What we learned

  1. Learned how to use GCP's tools and deployment
  2. Learned and used Discord.js library
  3. Learned about dinosaurs and the prehistoric age!

What's next for Dinocord:

We have the following plans for the future:

  1. Add a user rating system
  2. Implement Encryption
  3. Add more text-based games
  4. Do aesthetic changes to the bot
  5. More dinosaurs!
  6. Improve the ML model
  7. Make the necessary UI/UX changes to the frontend
  8. Add a chatbot for the homepage
  9. Add a customer support functionality

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