When Internet connection has been lost and Google Chrome is your browser, you can see page 'You cannot connect to Internet' with T-Rex dinosaur. It happenned often at the beginnings of AGHacks, so we decided to play this game - but not the ususal way. Game will be played by the bot.

What it does

Plays google offline game without user interference.

How I built it

Application is created in Python and uses Selenium to communicate with browser. Frequently canvas is being sent from browser to our application and is searched for obstacles using image matching provided by OpenCv.

Challenges I ran into

Recognise patterns in images, sending button action to browser, design and implement algorithm to choose right moment to press button. Technical problems with Selenium.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Bot works and achieves really good results in the game.

What I learned

There can be problems with Selenium. Use it cautiously. :)

What's next for DinoBot

Ptherodactyls recognition. Possible machine learning.

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