We wanted to implement the use of Oculus Rift for our hack because we want to experiment and learn new ways to create virtual reality simulations. In addition, we are passionate about influencing students across the nation to become interested in science in a innovative and engaging experience. As stated before, our target user are students. One of the key features we are most proud is implementing the use of Oculus Rift as an essential part of the experience and not just a gimmick. Another feature we are proud of is learning and implementing AI into the dinosaurs in which they interact with the environment in amazing ways. Also, we were successful in creating a simulation of disease that is spread based upon proximity. This disease, combined with an algorithm that mixes aspects of the longest surviving dinosaurs, helped us represent natural selection in Oculus, creating a simulation of evolution that can fascinate children and serve as a teaching aid. Creating that immersive experience in a simulation which exhibits an ecosystem is something we are immensely proud of.

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