The Google Chrome dinosaur mini game, and the Majestic representative at AstonHack 2017, dressed as a dinosaur running to Aston University, served as our inspirations.


The player controls a dinosaur running and jumping to avoid obstacles. The player can make the dinosaur jump by pressing a button attached to the Arduino, and the number of objects jumped over is displayed as a final score at the end of the game.


Getting the board to successfully display the dinosaur sprite was difficult, as we originally tried to draw each line separately, but eventually managed to use the provided software library to insert a bitmap image instead.

Skills Learned

How to code in C for an Arduino, and how to use libraries.

Future Development

We'd like to be able to add a pterodactyl that flies over, and implement a ducking feature for the dinosaur so he can dodge it.


This project a submission to AstonHack 2017, which was our first hackathon. We won the 'Majestic Challenge' prize.

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