We both love videogames and hanging out with friends, but as we get older it is often harder and harder to commit to hours of competitive gaming we were both used to. Together me and Mingshi wanted to create a long term multiplayer game that anybody could pick up and play throughout the day, and still have a competitive spirit to it.

What it does

You play as a dino who has to jump over cacti and run get as high of the score as possible. The faster you go the more points you get per meter, but it becomes harder! If you get a high score you can submit your name and score to the leaderboard and have it displayed for all the players! Be sure to choose a hat that best matches your tastes, and keep on running!

How I built it

Me and Mingshi built the website using Node.js,, and p5.js libraries. Client connects to the server and receives information about where other players are located.

Challenges I ran into

It was our first time setting up a dynamic server, and we for a long time could not figure out how to properly share information with players without overloading their socket buffers, but we eventually figured out a system that balances it out to work well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we finished most things that we wanted, and legitimately had fun collaborating and testing the game. We hope that people who play it will have just as much fun competing with each other on the app. We are also very happy that we recreated the feel of the dinosaur game well, and didn't make the game feel awkward. We also felt good about how we made the design fit most devices well, and have it work on all: laptops, phones, and tablets.

What I learned

We learned that making good online features is much harder than one might think. Even with our current technology you have to optimize the process to run together with the server, and balance the calculations between user's device and the server. We also learned that making any kind of project is always more fun with friends!

What's next for Dino Royale

We still want to add a bunch of features, meteors, more hats, change in weather, other ways to interact directly with other players like dropping traps or somehow getting an advantage out of passing others on the track. As of now we are happy with what we were able to create in just 24 hours!

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