We realized our own youth, there was very little emphasis placed on savings and money. Instant gratification is a major

What it does

It educates youth (targeted towards 10-15 years of age) about finances in a easily digestable manner. It allows users to track deposits and withdrawals into a savings account in combination with compound interest and build up to a goal. We gamified the concept to make it more appealing to a younger audience where users collect characters that personify financial terms and build their 'credit score' also known as dragon eggs.

Challenges I ran into

GIthub. Coming up with a simple and creative way to teach younger people who aren't interested in finance. Everyone in our team had experience with different tools and languages making it harder to collaborate and had to really take ownership of their feature.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We fixed our github

What I learned

GIthub workflow

What's next for Dino$

Implementing it into children's education early on endorsed by schools and banks to promote financial literacy. Additional features that we would like to implement:

  • Fun facts - like a quizlet to incorporate more gamified education
  • Milestones - reaching a milestone will earn points
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