Inspiration 🦖

We were inspired by our favorite childhood game, Club Penguin, and knew that we wanted to create a virtual world that children and adults could enjoy. We were also inspired by the “Prehackstoric" theme and incorporated dinosaur and prehistoric elements into our design.

What it does 🤔

Dino Dash is a multiplayer scavenger hunt game. You can play against your friends or people from around the world.

Players begin by creating or joining an existing game and choosing a dinosaur avatar. Then, they enter a virtual world where they are given mini tasks to find prehistoric items, such as dino eggs or bones. The game involves strategy and speed, as the number of items hidden is always one less than the number of players. If you don’t find the item in time, you go extinct... the last dino standing wins!

How we built it 🔨


Dino Dash is a 2D gaming environment similar to RPGs like Final Fantasy or Pokémon. The game runs on a stack of state machines, and players gain XPs while completing mini tasks. Implemented Django, Python, Love2D, and Lua.


We used Figma for prototyping and then converted the design to HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into 😥

  • Coordinating between time zones (PST and IST)
  • Trying to deploy a game online
  • First time working with state machines in a limited time frame
  • Converting Figma to HTML/CSS, as you have to convert each page individually

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

  • The user interface
  • Our progress and improvement! Took a chance and explored a new field (game development)

What we learned 📚

  • How to use Love2D and Lua to create a 2D game
  • Communication is key! We stayed on a Zoom call while we worked in case we had questions
  • To break down our idea into smaller pieces and work efficiently

What's next for Dino Dash 🌇

Right now, we haven’t imported the database completely to CockroachDB. In the future, we would like to do that. We would also like to turn Dino Dash into a 3D game, add new tasks for players, and implement a live chat feature.

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