Dino Bot

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Inspired by "One of the biggest creatures/ reptiles had ever lived on Earth."

Well a lot of paleontologist still search about the mysteries of the dinosaurs , it's fun to learn a few dinosaurs facts and information .

What's a best way to interact ? .. Hah ! Yes , a chat bot , it is a good way to entertain ourselves with knowledge and fun .

In this project , we learned how the bot handles data , how a json file is implemented and retrieves it when we ask for , how to import certain functions , and how it handles error

We used a discord API for this project as it is an amazing platform for hackathon and coder's community

While coding the bot we faced many challenges like (mostly) indentation errors , bot commands won't run as we expected , included certain cut/copy which results in error overflow , when we struggled in finding the correct syntax but once we did , we breakthrough the errors.

Even after completing the bot we felt an urge to implement more!

It has been a great time these three days of hackathon!

Thanks for reading

@LINUZ#1447 aka Sunil @Chris_webber#2162 aka Vishnu

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