• We enjoy music and gaming
  • Inspired by DDR's game play and wanted to convert it to an 8-bit keyboard play-style game

What it does

  • Outputs arrows down the screen based of the rhythm of the song played
  • User must press the correct arrow key of the arrow/arrows that hit the designated area in order to increase score
  • Trackers past and current users' score in a leaderboard

How we built it

  • Using Java and Javascript
  • Using the libgdx framework

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting and passing music/sounds throughout the program
  • Scaling the animations and backgrounds
  • Getting the server to run on the Google Cloud server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the animations to link with the sound -Getting the animations moving

What we learned

  • How to animate with libgdx
  • How to to get the server to run on the Google Cloud server
  • How to get players into rooms

What's next for Dino-beats

  • Advance the animations
  • Allow users to play multiplayer online and/or locally
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