Before applying for admission to a university, or even placing it on their shortlist, a potential student needs information. This information is typically a mixture of details, including the specifics of the courses they’re interested in, the university’s admission procedure, timeline, and taxes. Almost all potential students have the same set of queries at the start, so a chatbot can offer the right information to them over the course of a simple conversation. It’s no secret that one-on-one chats are more effective in dispensing information than the traditional route wherein the visitor has to manually browse through web pages. In the light of these benefits, universities can significantly increase their lead generation figures and even their enrollment numbers in the long run, by using a chatbot that can funnel relevant information to their prospective students. Also, we all interacted with angry secretaries and it’s a thing that you don’t want to experience again. In this case, Dinno will be a more positive choice and available at all time.

What it does

Dinno is a chatbot created to help out the university by providing responses to different questions that users might have about the faculty's curricula, what documents they require and how to enroll. It captures the customer’s identity, attributes, and engagement data, in real time, and understands the intent of the input using NLP. Dinno is also an animated character that can make an intro like no other bot.

How we built it

We've created Dinno by using Dialog Flow with Botman and animated it with Adobe Character Animator and Adobe After Effects

Challenges we ran into

The technologies we've used to build Dinno were new for everybody in the team so this was the first challenge we've had as we had to learn from scratch. The second challenge we've had was to choose the technology to build it as we had two options: Azure Bot Service or QnAMaker with LUIS (Azure), and Botman with Dialogflow (Google). We've tested all these options and chose Botman with Dialogflow because it had a better learning pattern, then Luis, that was hard to configure and train to learn, even if it was easy to integrate. For animations, we've struggled with sensor movement correlation for its head and body but also how to manage the triggers.

PS: If you want to interact with Dinno you should say “Hi” first, as it’s a bit shy, and in case it won’t recognize all your names...try again with another, he has a personality that we haven’t managed to figure out yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we’ve managed to animate Dinno, integrate it with the chat and have it learn by each interaction that it has with its users.

What we learned

We've learned new technologies, how to stay up late and still be working and how to collaborate on a project with a short deadline.

What's next for Dinno the chatbot

Dinno should continue to learn by interacting with its users and by growing his database of knowledge.

We would like Dinno to:

  • Present graphics option to its users
  • Display images and videos
  • Send personalized emails with content
  • Present animated content and maps
  • Make advanced suggestions based on user content
  • And many others depending on business needs

Use cases

Customer service:

  • Answering frequently asked questions.
  • Resolving customer queries.


  • Recommending new offers: recommending the right products to the customer based on verbal feedback.
  • Understanding your customers: Asking the right questions at the right times on your application or website.


  • Sales assistant: Integrated to your CRM system, the chatbot can act as an assistant to sales personnel, by notifying them when they are assigned opportunities, simplifying lead creation and updates.
  • Customer outreach is better when bots write the first reply. For example, while reaching out to SMEs, you can send automated emails and chatbots can respond immediately to leads. Reduction in response times is one of the biggest boosts to conversion.


  • Keeping the pulse of your employees: integrate chatbots into your collaboration environment to monitor their satisfaction and productivity.
  • Answering common HR-related questions is time consuming and boring for employees but an ideal job for chatbots. Completing transactional HR services: most employees have a hard time remembering where they need to fill in their absences and vacations. Especially new joiners are clueless about such things. A cool solution is to stop recording absences altogether. A slightly less cooler solution is to roll out an HR chatbot on the common chat platforms for such questions.


  • IT helpdesk: Helpdesk functionality can be easily embedded in a bot that can create/assign cases, notify users of updates and answer users’ questions.


  • Shop with conversational commerce
  • Set price alerts
  • Choose gifts


  • Book travel
  • Book accommodation
  • Get advice on topics like where to visit, what to see


  • Investment management
  • Credit applications
  • Money transfer

Test it out:

  • Salut
  • Ce acte am nevoie pentru inscriere?
  • La ce facultati pot sa ma inscriu?
  • Ce imi poti spune despre facultate - fallback catre lista de facultati cu instructiuni de mai sus
  • Ce burse ofera ASE?
  • Ce este eseul motivational?
  • In ce perioada se fac inscrierile?
  • Ramai cu bine!
  • many others to be discovered :)

Built With

  • adobe-after-effects
  • adobe-character-animator
  • azure-bot-service
  • botman
  • dialog-flow
  • luis
  • node.js-integration
  • sendgrid
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