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As citizens across the globe are being asked to stay at home, more and more people are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and loneliness. Cooking and sharing meals together is a key aspect of staying connected and helps alleviate these pressures. Dinner party was created to:

  • Reduce the social distance (without reducing the physical)
  • Help people to get new ideas and better/healthier food
  • Let people reflect on what they need to buy
  • Provide a communication channel for social cooking/eating

What it does

Virtual dinner parties. Collaborative learning. Improving skills with the help of professionals. Dinner Party is a platform that facilitates cooking and dining sessions with friends and family and allows participants to be taught by professional chefs without leaving their kitchen.

  • To plan a Dinner Party, open the app and instantly connect with friends, or other party-goers.
  • You can keep the Dinner Party simple, but if you want to kick it up a notch and learn new skills, you can ask a professional to give you and your guests a cooking class!
  • A few days before the class, you'll receive the list of ingredients that are required for the dish you're going to make.

How we built it

We built it from 2 perspectives, the guest's perspective and the chef's perspective. Our tech team created a prototype for the app, while our marketing team created a website and social media accounts.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting started! We are such a creative team; everyone had a lot of original and useful ideas!
  • The project is quite ambitious, and there were many solutions to find,
  • Technical issues: the app gave our tech team a hard time, but we're all grateful they worked even harder to make the prototype!

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Being an agile team: getting along and organized so fast, as we barely knew each other before the hackathon
  • Finding a solution to the isolation issue
  • Our register of cooking jokes on Google Drive
  • Setting up our social media accounts makes it real, for us, but also for other people who might want to reach out soon!

What we learned

  • Some of us have weird sleeping schedules
  • Collaboration is key! And we were provided with good tools (Slack, Miro, Zoom, ...)
  • It's important to find an organization pretty fast, find a leader, subdivide the work between smaller groups...

What's next for Dinner Party

  • Developping Tech + website
  • Business case and monetization
  • Finding guests and chefs
  • Donation and sponsoring
  • Expand to local farming and shops
  • Adding features and integrations: detailed user profiles, a community feed, nutritional information on the recipes from dietitians. Ingredient-based recipe search function. Ingredient substitution option for more flexibility

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