Background Story

Every once in a while we go and travel the world and visit restaurants for dinner. Many we don't look them up prior, just walk in and have a good time. But sometimes, we wish that we would have checked out the restaurant previously, because the food was bad, the price too high, etc... But searching for a good place to eat can be time consuming and reduces the flexibility of ourselves.


The goal of our Android application is to prevent people from visiting bad restaurants. To achieve this goal it uses Google Places API to retrieve the ratings of the restaurant we are about to walk into. If the rating is below a certain threshold it warns the user via vibration and push notification. Thereby, the user is able to identify bad places without even taking his smartphone out of the pocket. When desired it is possible to show gain insights why the warning was displayed. These insights are gathered from the Google Places reviews and processed with the Azure cognitive services (Text analytics). This allows the user to to conveniently see a summary of all important reviews.

Team members

Andreas Gruhler, Christoph Schildknecht and Jonas Wagner

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