the crisis of food wastage has been growing. we were disturbed to find out that this crisis is also happening in our school and there is little that is done to curb the problem. hence we aimed to reduce the food wastage in NUS by targeting the meal plan system at residential colleges' dining halls as we believe that we can make the most impact there.

What it does

users can log on to submit their choices of meals based on the planned menu every two weeks. Vendors can then obtain the information and prepare food portions more accordingly to the demand.

How we built it

HTML, jquery, css, mongoDB, etc.

Challenges we ran into

all of us have almost no prior experience at web development

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we managed to get a site with basic user authentication up given our little experience

What we learned

how little we know about web dev :')

What's next for DiningMANIA

more robust integration with NUS systems (LumiNUS, etc) and possibly expand to other places which run similar systems.

awards we want

most socially useful hack, best freshman hack, most beautiful hack

IDs- 122, 163, 169, 123

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