ding! is a web application that generates random words, audio and images to spark ideas for anything- projects, creative writing, or even conversations! By randomising the variety of information out there, we hope to inspire ideas that will make your brain go ding!


We were thinking about what to create for our hackathon project, and many of the ideas we had were remnants of other existing projects we had already seen before. To combat this, we decided to take a “meta” approach, building a project that would help us come up with a project idea. Ding!

What it does

Users check off which types of media (words, audio, or images) that they want to see, and enter the number of items they want. The information is generated and displayed, hopefully sparking some ideas for the users.

How we built it

  • React, CSS on the frontend
  • Express, Node on the backend
  • Lorem Picsum, Freesound API to gather data

Challenges we ran into

  • Who is this “.eslintcache” that keeps blocking my pushes >:(
  • Connecting the backend API calls to the frontend for display
  • Dynamic rendering on the frontend

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Building a full stack web application in a short period of time
  • Improving our problem solving skills through our implementations
  • Having a good time!

What we learned

For our team members, we all learned something new or improved on a skill, particularly with the technologies/languages we have been using such as JavaScript and the React framework. In addition, with this hackathon being entirely online, communication and teamwork were quite important.

What’s next for ding!

  • Tags- being able to generate more specific categories of items
  • A social media sharing function to share the information with others
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