Eating together is such a small act requiring little of us, yet such a psychologically boosting experience. Whether eating with family, close friends, or a new friend, it could be the happiest part of anybody's day.

What it does

Our user can use the DinerDates to find an eating companion based on each of their cuisine preferences and locations.

How I built it

Originally, we planned to use the skills we learned in the python workshop to implement it as a webapp. However, we ran into many issues and decided to change to a JavaFx application as we have experience is such. We implemented it using Profile classes and a Collection of Profiles, along with a GUI that allows a user to login and see other users with similar food preferences. Our app also uses a Google api to display local food locations based on preferences.

Challenges I ran into

While coding the structure of this webapp, we ran into issues using Python since we did not have prior experience with the language. Eventually we pivoted and switched our language to Java.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As this was our team's first full-length hackathon, each of us are proud of ourselves and each other for completing and submitting this project. It was a true team effort and we are looking forward to building future projects.

What I learned

We learned lots about the time and effort involved in making a vision come to life through websites, webapps, and apps in general.

What's next for DinerDates

Further improvements by adding extra features and making touchups as we go.

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