Our friend entered an entrepreneurial competition with the idea to bring Priceline's last-minute airline deals to restaurant reservations. We're making the app to make that possible. Restaurants can fill tables at unpopular times or days, and gourmands can get great deals on fantastic food.

What it does

Users can sign up as either a customer or a restaurant. Restaurants can post discount reservations when they have unfilled tables or expect a slow night, and customers can view daily deals and claim discounted meals.

How we built it

We used Meteor.js as a framework, twitter bootstrap for the front-end, and MongoDB to store customer and restaurant data.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have time to implement a geo-location feature for users to view restaurants specifically in their local area.

What's next for Dine Today

We still want to add geo-location and more user interface for restaurants. We also got to speak to a design expert who gave us some great suggestions to improve the user experience that we're very excited to implement.

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