When we got accepted to SUNY Plattsburgh we were elated to start our adult life in a whole new town and meet tons of new people. Being new to the town, we had no idea what the city had to offer or who would even be interested in participating in certain events seeing as no one from our previous school decided to attend this event. On the way down to the Hackathon we learned that we would have the opportunity to use the tripadvisor API and we instantly thought back to how useful something like this would have been if we knew about it when we came to school. It would have been more useful if we could find others who were interested in going to the places with us so we could make new friends. What we wanted to make was something like Tinder but more for finding friends with similar interests.

What it does

Our application allows users to sign up and set a preference for what they would to do. The application then presents them with a list of venues where they could do said activity. Upon selection, they will be presented with other users who also want to do said activity at similar places. The user will have the opportunity to 'dine' with said other user or 'dash' away from them. The application will then link the user with other users who wanted to 'dine' with them as well.

How we built it

TripAdvisor API, Rails, Bootstrap, SQLite, and a little magic.

Challenges we ran into

The TripAdvisor API didn't have any Ruby client so we had to figure out how to integrate it with our app with our own code which took a considerable amount of time. Also, most of us were learning to use rails for the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe we came up with a truly unique idea. Also the sign in component was difficult to implement and we were happy that we were able to get it running.

What we learned

Danny learned how to apply classes to to rails. Justin learned how to integrate rails and SQLite. We learned when the going gets rough the tough gets going .

What's next for Dine & Dash

We would love to add functionality for group activities like a pickup soccer game or to add data analytics to the database to better match users together.

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