Random thoughts, lonely dinosaurs.

What it does

Helps lonely dinosaurs find love, every dinosaur deserves to find the "one"

How we built it

We used Pycharm, Xampp, GitHub, Atom, Paint, Gimp and Tinder.

Challenges we ran into

Everything!! Rubbish WiFi hindered us a lot, no previous experience with PHP, limited knowledge of GitHub, One member of the team saying that they had when they didnt.....(-cough- Ash -cough-)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we have helped dinosaurs find love, understanding PHP slightly, more knowledge of GitHib, staying awake most of the night (Sif hasnt slept yet!)

What we learned

Idea's can flow, but knowing how to implement them is tough, Sleep when you're dead. Smile now, Cry later.

What's next for Dinder

DRAGONS! Grinder for dinosaurs (Drinder) Tails Only)

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